Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Morning Quiet

The last few mornings have been my definition of perfect.
I wake up around 8:00, let out my chickens and feed them, go and make my coffee and eggs (my younger hens have started laying and we are getting at a minimum half a dozen a day!), and either go out on the back porch with a book or browse Tumblr. Also did I mention that there is rarely anyone awake since my mother has already left for work? So its quiet and peaceful and perfect by my standards.

I am now back on the porch with my coffee writing my first post in over a month. Time kind of flew by. But now that the leaves are starting to change colors and we are having more perfect fall days I am ready for my favorite season of the year and am going to be taking lots of pictures (hopefully) and am ready to be inspired by the beautiful season.

So, here is to actually posting somewhat regularly without a post less month! I am off to build some sort of mini chicken sanctuary for my 3 old ladies who get picked on...

P.S. This blog has officially been around for over a year!

<3 Yolanda



Nina said...

Welcome back Yolanda! Your mornings sounds real cozy - coffee and fresh air, and a bunch of hungry hens :) Your Pictures are so peaceful ...Enjoy the quite start of your days,

Megan Bailey said...

Welcome back! Love the photos! And yes, that sounds like a perfect morning!

A Quiet Corner said...

Love coffee in the AM with fresh air on the side!...:)JP

Tamar SB said...

These are gorgeous!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Love these pictures :)!!

SunshineMom said...

Great pics. Wish I got to stay at home, relax and enjoy the quiet! Enjoy the moments!

joannely said...

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